Mark Hillyer Photography

Linda Jean - Mark is a great director when it comes to photography. He creates a comfortable environment and his direction is never pushy. Rather, he works together with talent to achieve a successful outcome for both parties. He taught me how to naturally move my body to achieve extreme poses with a pleasing outcome. Looking forward to the chance of working with Mark on another creative adventure through his lens' eye!

Rashna - Mark Hillyer is an amazing, eminent, and patient photographer. I enjoyed his services a lot. He has a very unique approach to directing his models. Very creative with finding unique poses. Great at making models feel comfortable and attended to. The most enjoyable aspect about working with him is that he is very open to ideas and exploring. He considers everyone's aspect. Last, but not least, he creates stunning and beautiful images which show his dexterity with his friend (the camera) which knows no limits. I look forward to much more journeys with wonderful Mark :-)

Maria - I really enjoy working with you. You are a very good photographer and very professional. Thank you for the opportunity for being part of the workshop. I can't wait for doing more shoots with you.

Whitney - It was fantastic working with Mark Hillyer. He is dedicated, professional, incredibly creative and made me feel very comfortable. I will happily work with him again and definitely recommend him as a committed and creative photographer.

Kada - Mark Hillyer is a very talented, creative photographer! He has great knowledge and understanding about photography, gives clear direction, and is very friendly and easy to get along with. I highly recommend him!

Emma-Rose - Mark is a thorough, creative, and professional photographer. I would highly recommend him for any clients wanting great shot or new to experienced models for portfolios. The studio space was fantastic! Thanks again!


Keira Grant (international art nude model and photographer) - As an artist and interested in both the process and the product, Mark Hillyer is wonderful to work with. I always enjoy my photographic collaborations with Mark and look forward to the next one upon returning to Australia.

Freya Gallows (international art nude model and photographer) - Speaking as a model who is generally wary of workshops, I had a fantastic time working with Mark and have done two of his events so far. His workshops are definitely not your run-of-the-mill naked girl turkey shoots: the groups are small and the focus is on helping photographers improve their craft. Two things that stand out to me about Mark's workshops, as opposed to many other events I've participated in, are that he truly cares about the well-being of his models and emphasizes to photographers the importance of clear and respectful communication, and he also truly cares about teaching the photographers at his workshops to improve and remain mindful of composition. The atmosphere of his workshops is appreciative, welcoming, and professional, and I've received usable images from his participants (even newbies). Highly recommended!

Paul - An excellent session once again coordinated by Mark. He organised various lighting setups and ideas were accommodated from mood pics each photographer brought in. The group of photographers worked really well together. And it was all possible because of the talented and beautiful Leah Velocity who graced us with her wonderful hair styles and modelling poise. A talented model that should not be missed whilst she is visiting Australia.